Saturday, 24 March 2007

Big ferry, small harbour

Last week, the Loch Portain, the regular bigger ferry, was off for a check-up, and in its place came the Loch Bhrusda, a smaller ferry with a higher centre of gravity (being relatively tall and thin).


Unfortunately, this coincided with a spell of bad weather that caused all manner of disruptions up and down the isles. So, the ferry was moved from the regular exposed position on the south end of Berneray causeway to the fishing harbour on the east side of Berneray, so it wouldn't be prone to rocking in the wind.


This resulted in a quite extroadinary sight of a very large boat literally squeezing into the harbour, with little room to spare, to ride out the bad weather. Many residents and a good few tourists came to have a look. As can be seen on the subsequent pictures, the harbour is equipped for this sort of thing, with the correct widgets (look, I don't know what they're called) in the right places for the boatie to be tied to.


All credit to the crew for getting this in place with what appears to be a few feet to spare between harbour walls and boat. Certainly there wasn't enough room for even a plump canoeist (if one approached) to get in and out of the harbour until the ferry had sailed out.


After a few days of shelter, the boat emerged and yomped off to continue it's normal trade, unscathed by the rough weather we'd had. We're back to normal with the ferries now; also the weather has got a lot better. The clocks go forward tonight; summer is here...

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  1. Goodness, you are making me homesick for my own wee island; what with all the low tide and ferry pictures. I will have to study your blog and Flickr, your pictures are great!