Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Best Scottish election media coverage

The award has to go to the online newspaper the Daily Mash, which has been providing top-quality coverage before, during and after the election.


As election day drew near, the Mash turned the spotlight on the negative anti-SNP rhetoric coming out of distant Downing Street. But as it became apparent that these tactics were not working, the Mash reported that Browns patience with McConnell was wearing thin.

As the election started, events were covered minute-by-minute in the Mash. Our first local mention of the night comes up:
2.04: In the Western Isles, Labour's Alasdair Morrison is sacrificed in scenes horribly reminiscent of the Wicker Man.

As the night drew on, problems with the voting became glaringly apparent. An unsatisfied UN has pronounced its verdict, and hey, we get another mention:
Meanwhile in the Western Isles dozens of ballot boxes were stolen by gangs of highly organised mice.

But with the election over, now what? Post-election, negotiations continue, with the SNP making some imaginative approaches to the Lib Dems. Though even if they do reach a deal, it looks like it will be tricky to, literally, remove the previous First Minister from the official residence.

But we shouldn't forget those who lost their seats in the election. The Mash covered the future careers of the fallen Socialists better than any of the other newspapers, picking up on Tommy Sheridans new job and revealing the career path his ex-friend and colleague Rosie Kane is hoping to take.

So there you go. For future political news coverage, forget the Beeb and the papers, and read the Mash.

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