Sunday, 20 May 2007

Burning merrily away...

I previously wrote about the joy of making firebricks, paper mache constructs for lobbing onto the fire in the place of log, coal or peat. One small inaccuracy; I said "You don’t get much flame". Turned out not to be true - if the paper brick is totally dried out, then plenty of flame is produced.

Here's the fire last night, with some paper bricks on it in various stages of burning:


And is one hot flame. Frodo need not have bothered going to Mordor, and could have just popped round my house to chuck the ring into a melting fire.

There may be less blogging from me over the next few months. There's a lot of work on (which being self-employed, is a good thing) before my next trip away. But there'll still be pictures of Berneray and the Outer Hebrides, by me and others, going up on this blog every now and then.

I wish you a good summer, wherever you go and whatever you do.


  1. What a great way of recycling. You can't beat a real fire and this one looks really impressive.

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