Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Clouds over Berneray

A few pictures from various Flickr users, showing the changing clouds over Berneray. First, the sky over Berneray hostel, by Atomicjeep:


Kymara, related to Berneray residents, shows the sky over the water that seperates Berneray from North Uist:


Calum, another resident and son of Margaret, gets a pretty accurate shot of what the evening light often looks like on the east side of Berneray:


Gill Thompson has snapped the east beach on a particularly blue day, looking north west to Pabbay and Harris:


Here's Pabbay in the distance again, this time taken by goneindia2003:


... and to finish how we started off, with a shot of the sky over the hostel, this time by chris db:


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  1. I love this place, glad you like my photo.Without a doubt the best hostel in the entire world!Chris