Thursday, 10 May 2007

Katie and the nigella seeds

An open e-letter.

Dear Katie (current contestant on The Apprentice),

Perhaps if you had travelled to the Outer Hebrides after all, then you would have dropped in. And I would have showed you that:

  • within 1 minute of it being mentioned, I'd researched what nigella seeds were, and where you could get them from

  • if you'd popped in at Uist Wholefoods down the road, you would probably have got some, or some much needed help

But instead you floundered (no guidance from lovey-dovey chinless Paul anymore?), ended up in the boardroom, and had your card marked for a firing later on in the series.

Never mind.

SilverSprite, Berneray, Outer Hebrides.


  1. Excuse my ignorance, but as I don't have a television I'm a bit clueless what you're talking about (I do know what The Apprentice is though). Nevertheless I'm curious now, so can you give a bit of background what this is about?

  2. Armin,Todays shown task was set in London. Katie was asked by her manager to go 30 miles to pick up an item (nigella seeds). Her response was that there was no way she was going to go all the way to the Outer Hebrides for them.They didn't get the seeds. They lost the task, narrowly. Unfortunately she survived the boardroom.There's always next week. She dislikes anyone from the lower classes, anyone from north of Stansted, and men with chins. I will cheer when she is fired.

  3. And now for something completely different:I stumbled upon a video-blog from Hawaii when looking for the word opposite of "wiki" (Hawaiian for quick). I found the word, "lohi", and this blog at the same time: my question is: when will you make us a video from your walks on the beautiful beaches of the Hebrides?(BTW, my IT-department is really lohi...)

  4. Nigella is in the air. Totally oblivious of the UK Apprentice I wrote in my blog about spices on the 1st of May. It was mostly about cumin and caraway but I also mentioned nigella - which you can get nowadays also in Finland. :-)