Tuesday, 8 May 2007

More Hebridean blues...

Continuing the theme from yesterday, here's a few more blue pictures of the Outer Hebrides by other Flickr users. First, the most well-known Hebridean stone circle, picture taken by Alyrpal:


Flickr user Paddimir presents a fine picture, with many shades of blue, of the castle in Castlebay, Barra:


At the other end of the Outer Hebrides, James Morrison has a shot of the harbour at Stornoway taken from the other side of the water:


Donald M. has a picture of deep blue waters towards Scarp, taken from Huishinish on the Isle of Harris:


Another snap from a plane by Doc Searls, this time of the Sound of Harris. From top to bottom the larger islands are Harris, Ensay, Killegray, Berneray and North Uist. Sort of top left is part of Taransay, where Castaways was filmed several years ago:



And finally, a deep blue sky over South Uist fromFlickr user Martin Third who also has pictures in the TravelTeamImages stock library: 



  1. I'm totally coming to the Outer Hebrides. Someday...

  2. Beautiful photos! I dream of visiting your part of the world *sigh*

  3. I'm totally loving your blog. My grandmother, who I never met, was apparently from the Isle of Harris, was a crofter, and spoke Gaelic - although she left to go and work in Glasgow at the age of 16. She died of TB there when my father was small. I know nothing else about her, or about my father who I last saw when I was 18 months old. These pictures are making me all the more determined to find out about my roots one day - in the not too distant future.

  4. Hi John, Thanks for the info about midges over on Vintagepretty.org. That's just what I needed to hear. Now that I've seen all these beautiful photos I'm even more excited about the possibility of a camping trip. I'm going to make a cup of tea and have a good look through your lovely blog. Thanks again!