Sunday, 27 May 2007

Some accuracy about the weather

I've just had a quick trawl of blogs (written by folk further south) updated recently that mention the Outer Hebrides, and there's the usual common theme. The Outer Hebrides must, automatically, be a permanently cold and rainy place. Sometimes, in comparison with the rest of the UK.

Twaddle. Why does this myth perpetuate? Everywhere in Scotland, the UK, Europe, it rains sometimes. And it is sunny sometimes. That includes here in the Outer Hebrides, where it is sunny a lot.

Let's compare now, Bank Holiday Sunday, between the Outer Hebrides and the diametrically opposite end of "Britain". Here's the view from my office window 10 minutes ago:


... and here's what the Met Office have to say about the weather down the other end:

Sunday 27 May WEATHER WARNING Heavy rain will affect southeastern England today and overnight. 50mm of rain is possible with perhaps up to 100mm locally which may cause flooding problems. Along with strong winds, conditions on the roads will be difficult.

Back up here, the sun is definitely strong enough to burn out there, so it'll be on with the Ambre Solaire before setting off on my daily walk.

Those people who chose to spend their bank holiday weekend in the Outer Hebrides, as opposed to Bournemouth, London, Torbay, Kent etc. chose wisely. And are dry.

I'm not being smug. Just not making daft assumptions.


  1. It has finally stopped raining down here now, although it looks like there's more to come this afternoon.Looking at the Bruichladdich webcam this morning Islay had some nice sunshine as well. Just checked again and it's still sunny. Some clouds on the horizon (similar to your picture), but looks very nice. Certainly better than the BBC forecast I saw yesterday and today.As long as it's nice again when I come up in three weeks ;-)

  2. OMG - it is absolutely bucketing down here in London. I hope you'll share the sunshine with us tomorrow...

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