Monday, 7 May 2007

...Something blue, Hebridean style

Away from the shouting and nonsense of Scottish politics, and back to the important things in life: the Outdoors, the Beach, the Sky and the Sea. 

One of the many good things about Flickr is that you can go back to it after a while and find lots of new pictures that were not there before. One thing I've noticed in a rummage around today are some pictures of the Outer Hebrides illustrating striking shades of blue.

So here we go; first up, a picture by David Graham of sunset over water on the Tong moor:


Here's another one by the same Flickr user, this time of a fence nearby at sunset:


Now one by Flickr user Shuggy Spicer, showing Traigh Scarasta with Ceapabhal beyond:


From Donald M, we have several pictures. The first is the estuary and beach at Luskentyre, and the Harris hills beyond:


Close by, a picture of an old bed gate, and looking out towards the island of Taransay:


Again on the same west Harris coast, a good view of the beach and sea at Horgabost:


...and finally from Donald M, the beach of Traigh Nisabost:


Finally, a few aerial shots of this part of the Hebrides, from Doc Searls. First, Berneray itself - and yes, the beaches and sea are that colour:


In this next one you can see Berneray at the top, Boreray (population: 1) to the left and parts of North Uist to the bottom and right:


And finally, a more close-up picture of Boreray:


All of the links on this page are worth following to find more snaps of the Outer Hebrides, as well as larger versions of the pictures on this page. More blue Hebridean pictures tomorrow.

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  1. These are beautiful, am going to have to go back later and explore them more, can't beat a good Hebridean blue photo.