Monday, 25 June 2007

Berneray sunsets by a cyclist

Alison is a cyclist who has been to Berneray several times now, the most recently during this month. She's got some excellent pictures of Berneray on her Flickr area (go look), including some of sunsets which have replicated here.

First, a sunset over the church constructed by Thomas Telford:


West beach, looking towards the Harris hills:


Another beach one, taken after 10pm:


Finally, a glowing descent over Pabbay as viewed, again, from the west beach of Berneray:


Some more pictures from Alison later in the week...

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  1. Rhoda Blair (Shaw)28 June 2007 at 23:12

    Hi there .......... I absolutely love these pics of the Berneray sunsets, having seen many of them for real over the years, but have never managed to capture the colours quite like this with my camera!