Thursday, 28 June 2007

Guardian Online article about Berneray and Hebrides

It's accurate, as well! For a change, we don't have to read a slanted article that misrepresents the islands (which happens regularly). Instead, Dave Hill - who recently visited Berneray - has written a good piece in the Comment Is Free section of the Guardian, following his recent trip to Berneray.

Of somewhat lesser quality is a podcast by a travel writer called "Matt". You'll find it through the "listen to today's show" link on his blog posting (not a stable website). The file is a 29Mb MP4 file (I could run it on Quicktime). Of interest is the 7 minute piece, starting about 5m 30s in, where Matt reads out a detailed description of Berneray, adding his own (largely wrong) interpretation.


The podcast is a thing of wonder for how many place names and descriptions he can pronounce incorrectly - very incorrectly - in seven minutes. Some are, indeed, a bit tricky. But Berneray constantly pronounced "Bernay"? "Machair" as "Mark Hair"? And ceilidh as "collay"? Also "cattle herding" is not a tourist activity here.

Above is the twilight from Berneray, picture taken by Flickr user Saint.Tobias.

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