Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Mussel morning

It's not just scallops...

One of the very few local people who is of a similar age to me dropped in with a "small" amount of mussels. Which, to me, seemed to be enough to feed a medium-sized platoon.

Mussels are a bit more work than scallops. First, they invariably need a bit of cleaning to remove barnacles, bits of weed, and whatever else:


Right, that's good. After a bit of cleaning, the shells sparkle and reflect a bit:


Enough arty stuff. We're doing this to eat, so it's into a big pot for the lot of you:


Then onto the stove for a short time to boil. Remove, and discard those who haven't opened up. Those who do, remove the innards. And at this next picture, people with an aversion to shellfish, such as Katie in Glasgow, will probably feel a little ill:


They taste, thankfully, a lot better than they look. Fresh, local, shellfish, perfect with a bottle of chilled Italian white wine, some focaccia and a couple of milder French cheeses. Ironic: after moving to the Outer Hebrides I'm often eating better food than I ever ate in mainland cities.


  1. YUM - they look delicious! With your knowledge of the Scandinavian languages, you don't happen to know what scallops are called in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish per chance?

  2. Had paella for tea. Mussels not as nice as the ones in your pic, though, and they came frozen.