Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Only UK place with drought conditions?

It's with almost total disbelief that the news this morning shows much of the UK under water, countless houses flooded and even a dam on the verge of bursting. While here, we are pretty much in drought conditions.

Here's the rainfall chart for June so far:


In the first 25 days, the island clocked up a measly .24 inches or 6.1 millimetres of rain, most of that falling on June 2nd. As can be seen from the pictures of last week, and the BBC weather forecasts (which were correct) for earlier in June, it's been pretty much blue skies and sun all the way from June 3rd.

Seal view B&B have a weather station which pipes data through to the weather underground weather service. This means you can look at detailed data for the month to date; the one day with any significant rain was also the only day we've had any significant wind.

What does this mean? It means that not all of the country has experienced wet conditions. It also means that folk here are out watering their spuds in the evening, and looking a little worried at their various outdoor crops on the machair. As one crofter told me yesterday "You couldn't cross here over the winter without wearing flippers; now it's dust and sand."

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  1. James Morrison26 June 2007 at 20:53

    The chart data is good, I was trying to find the same info earlier in the month. The weather is pretty unusual, especially with the floods in Belfast earlier in the month and Glasgow had a big downpour on Friday. I was expecting the Western Isles to get the same weather, its felt pretty humid some days.I understand that warmer air can hold more moisture, but I don't understand how it leads to such uneven spread of rain.