Thursday, 7 June 2007

Production increases...

A brief update. Production in the paper (brick) mill here has reached new levels of brickness. Here's the latest batch out of the mache machine (yes, I know, grey on grey is dificult to see but it's the best drying spot. And the camera isn't broke - that's the shadow of the washing line):



The source material is stuff such as this, and the end result is this.

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  1. Have you tried a life cycle analysis of paper? You presumably have the option of putting your paper in a recycle bin. I burn a bit of paper too, arguing that it is a renewable fuel source.By the time the paper gets to us, it has a fair bit of embodied fossil fuel energy from the paper making process. If it is recycled, some of that energy is saved because it returns part way along the paper making process.Then there's the transport energy, if recycled it has to be transported back to the paper factory, meanwhile your other fuel source travels back in the opposite direction.I suspect we are better to recycle but I haven't done the numbers.