Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Relentless Outer Hebrides heatwaves

We seem to be doing quite well out of "global warming" here, at least in the spring and summer time. We're yet again in the grip of a heatwave, with no end in sight. Remember that election day here on Berneray was hot. And April had long periods of sun too. Maybe that's why local people comment so much about the rainy days, as increasingly they come as such a contrast to the increasingly prevailing sunshine.

Here's the BBC online weather forecast for Lochmaddy, 10 miles away, for the next five days:


In summary:

  • No wind.

  • Low pollution, except on friday when it will be "moderate". Eh? What pollution - there's, like, no pollution here. The island has only 127 people on it, and our air has been filtered by several thousand miles of Atlantic ocean.

  • Sun index varying. Today and Friday, it is rated 5. That puts us on the border of medium and high probability of "white skin burning easily", which is probably about right. I unfortunately have only three skin colours (white, burnt, or freckled).

  • Endless sun. At this time of year, that means 18 hours of sun a day. So over the next 5 days, 90 hours of unblemished, bright sun. Which means lots of Vitamin D.

  • 23C. Hot enough for me.

May's weather statistics for Berneray were significantly drier than May of last year (30 percent less rain). And this also isn't the start of the current bout of hot weather, which kicked in over Sunday. Here's the west beach of Berneray, during my daily walk, yesterday. That slight smudge over the top of the island of Pabbay was the only cloud in the sky:


Weather data from Berneray is available most of the time online, updated every few seconds from an online weather station at the Seal View bed and breakfast (and yes, you can see seals from there; lots of them, every day).

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  1. diamond geezer6 June 2007 at 01:20

    Damn, looks like I visited one year too early.