Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Facebook: an army of nerds disagrees

In another bizarre Facebook development, one of my previous - and flippant - blog postings about this application has been unexpectedly picked up by an online journal, then stuck onto the front of Slashdot.

Some of the Slashdot reader comments are hilarious in reply, especially the one somehow mistaking a flippant blog posting for a great work of academic merit (it isn't). In an ironic and somewhat baffling development, several complete strangers (possibly readers of the article?) have just sent "Facebook friend" requests to me.

Slashdot advertises itself as "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." It must be a popular site, and/or has a core readership of active commenters, as heck it's up to 38 comments already.

Some intelligent and funny comments in there, though a few appear to be wired on too much coffee or a bit over-excited. I can't afford to hire Michael Winner to appear and say "Calm down, it's only a social network", so here's a calming picture of a local beach scene from Alison for them, if they make it to my blog:



  1. That's indeed a calming picture. Now I need more coffee :).

  2. Your fame is spreading! :-))

  3. Hi John,I'm a bit surprised that you haven't heard from /. before. From reading your blog I get the impression that you are nerd yourself :-)Even if the description of a nerd on wikipedia is a bit vague, your posting "Tesco comes to the Outer Hebrides" qualifies you without doubt for this title. I mean, who else could think of a way to get a Tesco order to the Western Isles.And if you would compare your books (on LibraryThing) with the book reviews on Slashdot you'll get a near 100% match.Regards,HenrikPS.: Does posting this comment make me a nerd too?

  4. Henrik: yes :-)Tesco: that was figured out by some of the locals, who are extremely adept at finding bargains online.

  5. Ahhhh ... Your "calming picture" has had the effect of making me completely and utterly miserable. I'm stuck in a freezing cold office on the outskirts of Edinburgh, which is grey, dreich, and drowning in rain. I WANT to be on that beach.

  6. Too funny (the 187! comments on Slashdot I mean... you're just a little bit funny). The question of course is whether you accepted the FB requests?