Saturday, 7 July 2007

Harbour Life

One of the good things about living in this particular house is that it's close enough to the fishing harbour to be able to watch boats come in and out. Even though I know almost nothing about boats, it makes for a fun distraction from work. The view also gives me some time, when an interesting-looking boat starts its approach about a mile out, to wander down to the harbour and take a few snaps of said boatie arriving.

This summer there seems to be an increase in non-Berneray fishing boats zig-zagging across the bay and popping in, or doing an overnight stay. Why the increase I don't know; better weather so longer fishing days; convenience (catch can be offloaded and taken by road down the Uists); Grimsay harbour being totally chock-full, perhaps.


The fishing boat above came in a few evenings ago to stay overnight in the harbour. Note how high the front is, which forms some protection against wind and spray hitting the relatively low cabin. This particular boat is mainly of wooden construction.

The one below came in this morning to offload some catch. The number gives the detail of where the boat was registered; SY for Stornoway, CY for Castlebay. On both pictures can be seen an orange structure on the edge of the harbour; that's a crane for heaving up heavier catch and gear.


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