Saturday, 21 July 2007

Icebergs and glaciers

A few pictures of glaciers moving towards the sea, and icebergs off the coast of Greenland.


Just me and one other person in economy took pictures of these, as everyone else was transfixed by a trashy Hollywood inflight movie.


In the above picture, I'm presuming that the browner area of sea is the land being scraped off by the glacier above it and dumped into the Arctic ocean.


Even from 32,000 feet, Greeland just looked huge, stretching away over the horizon towards the North Pole.



  1. Thanks for the pics - I've managed to be sat on the wrong side of the plane each time I've flown over this past week :-)

  2. Karelian Blonde22 July 2007 at 19:39

    Simply amazing!

  3. Awesome! Last time I went that way there was a rush for standing spaces by the window!

  4. Ooh, I took pictures like this last August, when I flew over Greenland. I was practically hanging out of the windows to take them! They are great!

  5. carol chauveau30 July 2007 at 21:40

    hi,now i know why your blog on IB has went quiet! I took pics like these flying to new zealand via LA was really grat looking down over the artic circle --hudson bay,the pas,regina edmonton,saskatoon then down over the rockies to LA.making out thye hoover dam etc,brilliant flight! next time i go to NZ(december,with one week stopover in singapore) hope to get good shots but don't think it will be so spectaular as the last flight. when will you be back on IB?