Sunday, 5 August 2007

Baseball: first attempt at YouTube upload

Kinda spurred on by the fact that several other residents of Berneray are now uploading videos to YouTube, Bebo and other sites (this island is so Web 2.0), I've finally decided to have a go myself before I look like some kind of techno-luddite.

So here's a video I took at the Sox vs Blue Jays baseball match in Chicago a week or so ago. Note this was taken on a digital picture camera (the Sony DSC-P120), not a proper movie camera, so I wasn't expecting anything great in terms of quality:


It seems to have come out okay. On the PC, the movie (as downloaded straight from the camera) is a reasonable quality mpeg movie. It's lost something in uploading to YouTube in that the picture has become blockier (possibly a sharp reduction in the colour palette) and the lighting isn't as great. But as a first attempt, and doing a straight upload (without looking at any help stuff), it's not bad.

YouTube is pretty much simplicity itself to upload to (one of the key foundations of a successful Web 2.0 site), and the camera - which produces nearly all my blog pics - is a good one. Heck, with a proper digital movie camera, some editing software and a bit of time experimenting, I wonder what could be produced. Which reminds me ...

... on a related point, it's worth pointing out ( I was initially tempted to refer to it as "The Gaelic YouTube", but it's rather different in several ways. Best go have a look yourself; they've already got an interesting stash of some good quality local content up there. The Stornoway Canoe Club one is great - now that's how you really test if a piece of kit is waterproof or not ...


  1. thanks for sharing all the intersting things you've seen in the states with us!! thinking about the shop in berneray being up for sale maybe "sunny"ex from arran could take it over??? bye for now,tws's weather girl

  2. wooh I didn't know that! you helped me so much thx