Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Island life

Here's a few random pictures from the archive am trying to sort out. First up, a flock of black sheep being shepherded along the road (note the crofter on a quad bike) in Grenitote, North Uist. Taken in May 2006 while waiting for a bus:


Next, a cat with unusual markings. This was spotted in Port Charlotte on the Inner Hebridean island of Islay, where I stuffed myself full of quite spectacular seafood at the Port Charlotte hotel for five days:


Finally, a picture of the sunset over Taransay, also in the summer of 2003. Taken from Luskentyre beach; no special software or colour filters or whatnot used. Just one heck of a dusk, looking west:



  1. Aaah, cat content ;-)And from Islay! I'm just trying to remember if that's the cat that often comes up to me to play while I'm stretching after my morning run when I'm staying in Port Charlotte.

  2. thanks for the lovely pics i wonder if its the same flock of sheep that annie b saw up her way?