Monday, 24 September 2007

Sunday Times wine club

I'd previously stuck with Virgin Wines for our bottled excellence. However, on the recommendation of several other Bernerians, I joined the ST wine club and made the first order a few weeks ago. And here's our first delivery:


My knowledge of wine is practically nil. I usually prefer red to white, but that's as far as it goes. So many times I've had the intention of "Right, time to make notes of every wine that is consumed here." But after the first glass, such endeavours are forgotten.  

First impressions of the ST selection? (1) Most important - tastes good (2) They seem to select wines with brightly coloured tops (3) The case arrived quickly.

Unfortunately - or fortunately - I forgot to cancel the Virgin Wines regular case order. So there's now a rather full rack of wine to "work through". It's going to be a good winter.

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  1. There are certianly worse things than having too many bottles of wine as the weather turns cold. A little in the stew - a little more in the cook.