Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sollas International Airport

Sollas is fairly close to here, being a settlement on the north side of North Uist. Every now and then, planes fly in. Here are two (picture by Flickr user Chris Chinnery) that flew in for the 2005 annual fly-in:


Here's another picture by Chris, this time of a plane preparing for take-off from Runway One, otherwise known as "the beach":


There is a surprisingly long history of planes landing and taking off from the beaches of the Outer Hebrides, in addition to the regular timetabled Glasgow-Barra service which lands on the beach. The west beach of Berneray has seen a few land over the years, and more frequent services operated off the beaches of Harris and the Uists in the last century. Hmmm; the Comhairle are keen to improve the transport links here...

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