Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Finnish/Scottish humour and city rivalry

This is from a piece on the rivalry between cities in Finland:
Turku and Tampere also share a rivalry. Turku is far older and has had a greater impact on history, whereas Tampere is more populous and has a greater significance as an industrial city, lately also in the Information Technology business. Inhabitants in both Turku and Tampere view the people in the other city as uncivilised. A popular joke in Turku asks why children in Tampere have a flat nose. The answer is that there is a Turku midwife working in a Tampere hospital. After delivering a child, the midwife holds him/her into the glass of a window and says: "Look now, child. That way is Turku, there is civilisation."

This is strikingly similar to Scotland and Scottish humour. In that paragraph, change "Turku" to "Edinburgh" and "Tampere" to "Glasgow" and you have something so identifiably Scottish in terms of humour and major city rivalry.

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