Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Firework night

Technically it was one day early, on November 4th; as ever, the weather forecast determines many things on Berneray.


Our neighbours had a bonfire and a box of fireworks, which was a good opportunity to get rid of the spare wood that was left by the previous owners and wasn't suitable for kindling.


Food and drink consisted of the agreeable combination of wine and chocolate goodies, and marshmallows for roasting in / on the bonfire, on long skewers. Unfortunately, this wasn't the best of culinary experiences, as the outer part tended to be charcoal, being ripped off to leave a gooey mess inside. The marshmallows also had the distinct tang of varnish from the door that was being combusted on the bonfire. That's us poisoned.


Events were completed with a double rocket blast into the sky (hopefully not being mistaken for distress flares):


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