Thursday, 22 November 2007

Up and down Borve Hill

This is an easy walk - Borve Hill is not a steep hill - that I often do when I need a break from the computer and the smell of cats defecating.

From near the bottom, the hill looks steep, and the summit isn't visible as the sides curve to a lesser gradient the higher one gets:


A stroll of less than 20 minutes (or less than 10 at a good pace) results in some fine views. This is helped by there being no much larger hills anywhere near Borve Hill, so it's a pretty much uninterrupted vision.


From the top, the options are to return home, to carry on over the other side, across the machair and down to the beach:


...or to head north along and down the flank of the hill, to either Loch Bhrusda, the north end of the west beach, or the hills of north Berneray:



  1. JohnThat is a great walk and how nice to see such great photos of it. I can almost feel myself walking on the hill. Anyway great site, any thoughts on a webcam? I often look at one on Lewis at the Eoropie Tearoom, which is the nearest I can get to Berneray., Tim

  2. I love how even the small hills provide that instant gratification of a spectacular view...

  3. Just beautiful! Because I am currently living in London, that kind of solitude is sorely missed. Keep those pictures coming :)