Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Tree!

Yesterday, a quick return trip on the bus to a North Uist shop resulted in:


Yes, it's a seven foot tree, all netted up and ready to be decorated. After finding out that it's too big for the tree stand, a bucket, some bricks, soil and plenty of water are employed into service. And then the net is cut off ... boing! Thus emerges a rather large amount of branches, which take up much of one end of the living room:


Rearranging the furniture became a necessity, to avoid compromising the essentials. Such as room to play on the Nintendo Wii, and being able to see the tv to watch the DVDs I suspect I'll be getting this Christmas. Decorating the tree took little time in comparision, though due to the girth of the monster, it took two - long - strings of twinkly lights to go around it:


As per usual, anything new draws the attention of Ms Attention Seeker:


Attached to the tree is some helpful information on how to keep it alive for re-planting. So it's sucking up water every day. Also on the label is the website address of the company, needlefresh. According to them, the tree is a grade 1 Nordman Fir. But surprisingly, it's not from Norway:

"The Nordman Fir originates from the Caucus Mountains and occurs on both sides of the mountain range. Seed for Christmas tree production is therefore collected in either Turkey or Georgia. There is a preference for the Georgian seed as this is from the northern side of the mountain range and the trees naturally inhabit an area with a colder climate than those from the southern side.

This means that they are naturally later flushing in the spring and are much less likely to suffer from frost damage. The area Ambourlaui has become a favoured region for seed collection, and this seed has become the most famous region for seed to be used for the production of Christmas trees."

Turkey or Georgia? Heck, the tree is in for a bit of a shock when it gets planted in my Outer Hebrides garden in January :-)


  1. Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran13 December 2007 at 06:45

    What a great idea! It's too bad the company doesn't have a branch (no pub intended...) in the United States. Maybe next Christmas!

  2. Congratulations for your intention to replant the tree in January (let's hope it will survive on your windy island) but NO congratulations at all for buying tinned bear meat. I really couldn't believe you did that.Your cat is such a nice-looking fellow, don't hesitate to publish more pictures of him/her on your blog.