Sunday, 16 December 2007

Hills of South Uist

A picture by Flickr user Shuggy Spicer:


I've been down to South Uist several times in the last few months for work, and it's quite interesting how different it is from this part of the Outer Hebrides (remember that the Outer Hebrides is longer than most people think - end to end it's further than from Glasgow to Newcastle).

They have really tall hills there (in comparison to here). The accents are different, as are the phrases used. There is more Catholic imagery, such as statues, and various services such as shops are open for some of Sunday. Going to South Uist is (almost) like going on holiday to somewhere very distant - despite the fact that it's little more than an hour away on the bus.


  1. Yes South Uist is definately the place to be. Tall hills on the east and 20 miles of white sandy beaches on the Atlantic westcoast. With great people in between.

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