Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Voice in Second Life

Today I attended a seminar in Bristol. Though I never left Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. Yes, it was Second Life time again, with Andy from the Eduserv Foundation introducing it to real-world ILRT staff, while other people flew in to Eduserv Island to listen, participate and generally annoy the speaker.

This was the first time I used SL with voice (listening) on.


It was, at first, weird listening to people speak in SL; then doubly so as I could hear the real world audience (some of whom were ex-work colleagues). I twirled in SL, and it was cool - the sound of Andy's voice moved across the speakers as though in the real world. I went outside, flew up, fell to the ground, wandered about, and the sound faded and got stronger as you would expect. Rather impressed.

I didn't use the voice option to "speak" myself in SL; that's something maybe for another day when have seen (or rather, heard) how other people have used it.


As ever, there is a downside. One of the other delegates suddenly started blaring out very loud music; probably accidentally, as her avatar immediately ran off outside the in-world conference centre. Cue music fading into the distance. I tried the list of gestures at one point, to find that several of them seemed to have a yawning sound that drowned out the increasingly harassed-sounding speaker.

Anyway, it was a good event. Now Linden Labs needs to introduce an "aroma" plug-in, so the smell of cheese garlic bread or Scotch pies can be wafted in-world... ;-)

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