Thursday, 6 December 2007

Winnie and Paddington, tinned

Back from a 10 day trip to London and Finland, which included the usual array of eating and drinking experiences. Much to write about later, but speaking of food, here's something I picked up from one of the (impressive) array of shop at Helsinki Airport:


Yes, it's an assortment of bear meat. I was a bit concerned about whether I could get it back to Berneray, bearing in mind the various posters at airports with restrictions on food products that can be brought in and out. However, as Finland is in the EU, the meat is tinned, and it looks okay it seems to be fine.

We'll be trying some of these out later in the month. We can now offer visitors something a little different, namely bear pate on Hebridean oatcakes. It's quite appropriate for here, as there is a school of thought that the name "Berneray" is derived from the shape of the island resembling a bear cub. More plausible is that it is derived from the Norse for "Bjorn's island", and in Swedish/Norwegian the bear ingredient of the tins is Björnkött (bear meat).

For clarification, there are no bears on Berneray. Apart, now, from those in tins.

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