Saturday, 19 January 2008

Blue seas around Barra

Introducing - to those of you not familiar with his work - pictures by Micheal Macintyre. He's a resident of Barra, the populated island near the southern end of the Outer Hebrides archipelago. According to his profile, he's a 34 year old forklift truck driver with a family, and, as you'll see, loves taking pictures.

Here's his Flickr profile. Check out especially two sets of pictures he has; one of Boats of Barra, and another of the Isle of Barra. There's some cracking pictures in both sets, and it's a good reminder of just how brilliantly blue the sea can be around that island. A few pictures from each to wet your appetite; first, two boats:



And a couple of Barra pictures, of the west side and of Castlebay. The first Outer Hebrides beach I visited is in this picture:



Now follow the links from further up this blog posting and see his other pictures...

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  1. Truly amazing. Thank you for helping me decide where I'm going on holiday this summer!