Thursday, 14 February 2008

10 colourful reasons to visit the Outer Hebrides

One of the persistent myths about the Outer Hebrides is that it's a bleak, colourless, drab place where it rains constantly - basically, a bunch of wet, grey, rocks in the Atlantic. Even in 2008, when about 30 seconds of online research can prove the exact opposite, still a proportion of the UK population resolutely think that way. Why? Who knows; maybe there's an element of jealousy; maybe an insecure unwillingness to believe that there is somewhere - else - this scenic. Maybe it's just blind ignorance, or prejudice, of fear of something - or somewhere - different.

For a bit of balance, here's ten colourful pictures of the Outer Hebrides. Some have been featured on this blog before, most not. Each is by a different photographer; click on the picture to view additional information, and go to the photographers own collection of pictures to see more.

To start with, a couple of boats in Stornoway harbour, by Martin Third:


The greens and sandy colours of Borve and the machair on Berneray, by Scotproof:


Some shells on Mealabost beach; picture by Bluewave:


From Chris Parker, the sea at South Glendale, off the isle of South Uist:


From Toby Neal, a bit of flora in the machair on Vatersay, near the southern end of the Outer Hebrides archipelago:


Mentioned before, but worth a repeat. The sea across to Taransay by Diamond Geezer (who's also a high profile blogger):


From Howbeg, the Uist hills in the background and machair in the foreground:


By Jim Clark (My name is Jim), various boats and flags in Castlebay harbour after the Fisherman's Mass, July 2007:


From Tarmy, buttercups in the machair at Uig on Lewis:


And finally, from Saint.Tobias, sunset from Berneray:


So there you have it. Dreary and colourless the Outer Hebrides definitely are not. Feel free to forward the address of this page i.e.

... to anyone who has the wrong impression, or who just likes a bit of colour.


  1. Some of the best images around, better than the grey old cities on the mainland!

  2. Fantastic photography. What make of camera do you use? Really shows the islands at their best.

  3. Marie: see the text; I wish they were mine! Instead, they were taken by 10 different photographers. Click on the links or the pictures to see more of their (talented) efforts.

  4. Gorgeous!! Thanx to my friend Scott for recommending ...escpecially Stornoway Harbour & Mealabost Beach ... not to mention Tarmachan's composition ...When can we come visit?-- jimw (State-side)

  5. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would have guessed its so pretty there.

  6. FAB photos, captures all i love about the hebrides and reminds me that no matter where i am in the world that's why i call the place home and miss it so much when i'm not there...

  7. Aargh! Just got back this afternoon after two wonderful weeks of peace, quiet, walking, good food and excellent beert, now I want to go back! (well, I wanted to go back about ten seconds after Hebrides left Lochmaddy, but you know what I mean!)Thanks for the colour!

  8. I live in the U.S. and have always been fascinated by the Hebrides. Can anyone suggest a good spot for a family with four children? Thanks. Pics are beautiful.

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