Sunday, 10 February 2008

Hebridean snow (more)

The snow came and the snow went. But residents across the Outer Hebrides went out and took pictures before the rapid melt occured. Here's a selection, one each, from various residents. Visit their Flickr picture collections to see more, or click on the pictures to get more info.

First up, a South Uist scene by Flickr user Lochfada:


The Castle grounds of Stornoway, on Lewis, by Michael Maclean:


On the island of Barra, Leanish takes a picture of Castlebay in the snow:


Bluewave gets a picture of Lobster Pots stacked up on Loch Leurbost jetty:


A snow scene from Lewis by Wiesmier:


An atmospheric shot of the bridge at Laxay on the Isle of Lewis, by Donald M:


And finally, the stillness of the water in North Lochs, Lewis, by Rachel79:


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