Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Other blogs from Scotland

One of the questions I get frequently are pointers to other blogs. There are plenty of blogs around - blogsearch and technorati are the two main search engines for finding them.

Alternately, for blogs based in Scotland there are various listings of which Top Scottish Websites is one. Blogs are ranked on some kind of access algorithm, rather than on content. This makes for a varied mix of blogs, websites, and other online stuff with some kinds of Scotland or Scottish connection. Click the icon to see the list of 100 or so:


Interestingly, one of the others in the top 10 is also an Outer Hebrides blog, namely that of Angus Nicolson (no "h") in Lewis. And it's one of quite a considerable number that are political in nature. There's a few others in there from all parts Scotland I read, such as Havering On. Some, e.g. Scottish Licenced Window Cleaners, are obviously not blogs (or very absract ones if they are). And, being Scotland, there's inevitably a fair few football websites and blogs.

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