Sunday, 9 March 2008

Barra bare bums blogged

(Trying saying that three times when drunk; tricky).

As a follow-up to the incident involving the movie-making on Barra, some still pictures have appeared online that show some of what was going on. You can find the pictures on this blog - be warned, contains several images of rear male nudity. The last picture had me worried; not a good idea to get any closer to that airplane propellor, mate.

There's an ironic twist to this, in that the blog on which the pictures appear is hosted by - VisitScotland. Who commissioned the original film, which was subsequently and hysterically "destroyed". It's quite a good team blog, written by a group of people including one of the Hebrideans involved in Canoe Hebrides; worth checking out.

In the meantime, here's a (different) excellent picture from Flickr user Lochfada, showing said plane landing on the beach. No nudists in sight on this occasion:


...and here's a plane taking off on YouTube. I like the fact that, on approaching the airport, the pilot was told that landing conditions were "Firm but moist":



  1. Well, I supposed I shared your mild exasperation at the overreaction ("complete destruction") and uptightness ("those sorts of tourists") but having seen the pics now (the mightly Silversprite leaves no digital stone unturned in his quest for evidence).... I can't help thinking the whole premise was naff, tasteless, puerile and silly (not to mention badly managed), it was unlikely to have gone viral as VS hoped and it wouldn't have done Barra many favours if it had. Nakidity isn't that interesting really. If a bunch of rampant naked kitesurfers turned up in Uig, for an advert or any other reason, I'd just want them to stop being such prats. VS clutching at straws, a few people offended, Barra priest provoked to public over-reaction, money wasted, the Outer Hebrides made to look generally confused about what it's wanting, and some boys with cold bits... bah.

  2. (btw sarah the might(l)y Silversprite doesn't go online hunting for pics of Hebridean male nudity. My website admin panel shows which blogs link to mine, hence easy discovery of adventurescotland blog contains buttock pics.)As those were still pictures, am assuming, by a passing tourist or worker at the airport, and not the actual video footage, we'll never know. Original the idea (implied but not actual nudity) was not. Though viral marketing can work if done right e.g. Cloverfield movie.It may do VisitScotland well to put up Web 2.0 footage of the real highlights of Barra e.g. being in the plane as it lands, watching the ferry come in while eating dinner high on the hill. Tourists footage on YouTube et al partially fills those gaps, but there's quality and coverage issues.Maybe they should have just twittered instead.

  3. Yes, I appreciate that those were random pictures of the day and the bare bums probably wouldn't have been in evidence in the video - and so why didn't they just keep their shorts on, giving the same effect on film, avoiding the pointless exhibitionism, and not giving offence to the easily-offended? Clearly somebody was trying to make the shooting of it an event in itself, which obviously backfired, but all based on (surely outdated, please tell me) schoolboyish attitudes to nudity and (perhaps not yet outdated) assumptions about Hebridean attitudes, and how amusing when they clash. Which is patronising all round. Thank you Visit Scotland.

  4. Seems that everyone is over-reacting. VisitScotland, the production company, the priest, the bloggerati, the media, sarah. It's only a big thing if it's made into a big thing. Ignore it.

  5. And now VisitScotland have taken down the page.

  6. big bottomed barra babe18 March 2008 at 05:46

    Well.... poo poo to all you stuck up ninkenpoops! Martin Clunes got away with in 1993 with the Film, Staggered, so why can't we enjoy a little "quality" scenery every now and then. Hats off to you boys.... it was a cold day.... not ideal conditions to "maximize" your potential!