Thursday, 27 March 2008

Berneray and Uist residents: where's the window?

A local quiz for local people.

This window is in a building which has been visited by many residents of Berneray and the Uists. Some have spent some time looking out of this window. But where is it?


Question number two for local residents; and this one I don't know the answer to. Does anyone know for definite, e.g. not speculation woven into fact, who has bought the old hospital building in Lochmaddy?


  1. Is the window in Taigh Chearsabhagh?

  2. Okay, so it's a velux window set into a sloping wall or roof. I'd guess its Lionacleit school, Benbecula.

  3. Its at the dentist at Lochmaddy surgery, North Uist. I fitted it. There are a few there and I spent 6 months putting them in and all that. Can I collect my £10.000.00 prize money now?