Friday, 28 March 2008

Chariots of fire, Berneray style

Andrew Ross, who combines media services with running Seal View Bed and Breakfast on Berneray, has become a bit of an ardent runner of late. Representing Berneray, he managed a time of 45 minutes and 58 seconds for the recent 10 kilometre race in Benbecula.

Tomorrow he's off again, running in the 10k in Harris, a short ferry and bus ride away. The weather forecast looks breezy, but not too wet, so the undulating course should prove a bigger challenge than the flatness of Benbecula.

As many residents have observed, Andrew has been training a lot around the island of late:


He's not the only one; several other residents have been puffing their way around, to get in shape for the Berneray 10K race across machair and beach this summer. This takes place on Saturday 19th July, giving people thinking about it 16 weeks to get into shape.

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