Thursday, 13 March 2008

Go to work on a (goose) egg

Our local supplier of hens eggs has a few goose eggs, so we're trying those this week. I haven't had goose eggs for, reckon,  23 years and I'd forgotten how big they were. It's not surprising that geese are so loud and angry; so would you be if you were a bird and had to pass these (hens eggs on the right for scale):


Donald informs me that in past times goose eggs used to be hard-boiled and taken away for lunch. Which makes sense, as it's basically then a meal in its own package, a bit like how the Cornish pasties used to be to the tin miners of that county. Anyway, here it's time perhaps for scrambled goose egg, fricassee of girolles à la Provençal. Bon appetit!

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