Thursday, 6 March 2008

More UK Second Life academic developments

Following on from the description and call for information, more examples and detail are coming in.

Liz Falconer from the University of the West of England left a comment about their development on the Flickr picture. She also details:
We are a bit different (unconventional!) as we've tried to think outside the box in SL - play to SL's strengths and physical laws rather than duplicate RL. The SL structure's most important reason for being is not as a containing structure like buildings in RL, but as a metaphor for some of the activities that students undertake when carrying out research for dissertations and theses.  In fact, one of our main research interests is in metaphor in online learning design (as you can see in the RO website at and also how students with differing cognitive abilities and learning preferences (e.g. highly systemising or autistic tendencies) cope with metaphor, both on Web sites for learning and in immersive environments like SL. Also, we were keen to involve students in the design right from the beginning, and our architecture students came up with some great ideas (see our blog at

Some of the new locations I've been a-visiting. A Warwick University island where maths students are taught:


The Centre for European Studies at the University of Exeter:


...and a collaborative development between computing students and urban design students at the University of Greenwich:


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