Friday, 14 March 2008

New chimney cowl

Finally, the rattling is at an end. Chimney cowls are an important item of domestic engineering here. They keep birdies out of your home heating systems (or are supposed to), stop downdraughts from pushing fire smoke into your living room, and stop rain from getting into the system.

Unfortunately, in a place that is relatively windy, no ordinary cowl will do. The previous owners of this house went through a few, and, after increasing rattling caused by the wearing of bolts, it was time we did too. So our neighbour Andy was up on the roof just now, removing what was left of the old one:


... and here's a movie clip of him attaching the new one:


Nice shiny (it won't last) cowl. Though the bolts, supplied with the cowl, that stick out may become somewhat unwanted bird perches. We'll see.

The process of purchasing the cowl turned into another exercise in online shopping microeconomics; more on this soon.


  1. I'd be interested to read more about your cowl adventures. The last time I wanted to replace my old one with one that spins (hoping to create more draw) there were none on the island. So had to ask a friend to make a custom cowl and that's going to be tricky to take off to clean the chimney. Last year a couple of starlings still managed to get under it and down the chimney making a sooty mess in the living room.

  2. Yep, looking for a cowl too. Just to keep up with the McIvers of course; but it might stop me having to crawl around the Summer parlour to look for the last vestiges of O2 as the smoke puffs out yet again crating an in-door smog.

  3. Colt Cowls produce the best chimney cowls and have been market leaders since 1931 apparently. Anyway I got a 'Rotorvent' from the following link and it has been absoultely superb for about a year and a half. I am not in a particularly windy location, but suffered terribly from down draughts.Hope this helps!

  4. Colin: good though they may be, Colt Cowls give zero information about delivery and charges offshore. So their website isn't helpful in that department to potential customers such as myself.