Monday, 10 March 2008

Next Berneray 10K race: 19th July 2008

There's probably few 10 kilometre races in the world where participants have a good chance of not passing a pedestrian, or encountering a car. Berneray has one such race, which is becoming one of the featured events of the annual Berneray week.

Here's a few pictures (by Cassandra MacLean and Andrew Ross) of last years 10k, which was part of the 25th Berneray week.

First, the start:


...then two people finishing and collecting their mars bar:


...and Ian, the winner:


It's not a totally competitive event. While some race, or go for a personal best time, others have a pleasant jog around and look at the scenery - of which there is lots for the whole route.

Part of the course involves crossing the cockle bay at the south end of Berneray:


Plus, there's a fair bit on Berneray machair itself:


So if you want to do a 10 kilometre race this summer, but fancy a crowd-free, traffic free course with plenty of scenery, then here's the details:

Race logistics for 2008

Date: Saturday 19 July 2008
Start time: 2pm start
Start and Finish Point: Berneray Community Hall
Registration: 1pm to 1.45pm
Contact: Andrew Ross

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