Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The original purpose of the Web

All these Web 2.0 applications, such as Flickr and Facebook, are both useful and fun to experiment with. And the Web is useful for obtaining all kinds of information, for education and for trading.

But let's not forget that the original purpose of the World Wide Web - the reason why it was developed - was so people could, finally, easily put pictures of their cats online for the world to see. So, here's my cat, Jura:


At my first interview for a job in academia, 13 years ago, the issue of whether university staff should put pictures of their cats on their web pages turned into the main discussion point. The example used by the interviewing panel was the then-head of a university department who had done this; I notice, 13 years on, that he still has those pictures of his cats on his web page. Wonder if this is an Internet record?


  1. I thought you had two cats?

  2. Technically I pay for the expense of two cats, but we have one "preferred" cat each. I've got the well-proportioned one, as opposed to her fat, lumbering, less prettier sister.