Sunday, 13 April 2008

The 4 dollar gallon of petrol (we wish!)

For my US chums.

Recently watched a (CNN?) report on the rising cost of petrol in the US, and how it was significantly affecting people and businesses. One interviewee predicted that the four dollar gallon of petrol would cause the economy and society in general to collapse.

Here in the UK, petrol is more expensive. And more locally in the Outer Hebrides ... well, here's a picture taken by Leanish on the Isle of Barra of his local petrol and diesel station:


That works out in US currency, for diesel, (remembering that a US gallon is different in volume to a UK one) at...

9 dollars and 25 cents per gallon.

And stop press - since that picture was taken 2 weeks ago, the price has jumped up again, by the equivalent of 15 US cents per gallon.  Ouch, and I don't even drive.

Soon, we'll have the 10 US dollar gallon of petrol. Maybe CNN et al should do a report from here?

[Stop press number 2] Price jumped up yet again on April 11th. It's now £1.31 a litre for diesel on Barra, or not far off the 10 US dollars per gallon mark.


  1. You don't drive? Are you banned? How do you manage to survive in the Outer Hebrides without driving?

  2. You need to remember the distances traveled in most of the USA is far greater than in the Western Isles.Lots of people in Southern California commute 30, 40, and 50 miles to work (one way). I used to put over 1000 miles a month on my vehicle, here I have traveled less than a thousand miles in the past year.

  3. To Mike, I live on the Islands and do 32,000 miles a year driving and about 2000 sea miles as well.

  4. i don't drive either, neither do many of my friends - technically i suppose i am banned from driving - although i have never driven - but i like to think i wouldn't bother with a car now, any way. Although a motor bike would be nice on long Journeys

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