Saturday, 19 April 2008

Losing today's media battle

For fun, as a game I sometimes try and get either Berneray in as high profile a media as possible. This started three years ago when, to cut a long story short, listeners to the Today programme on Radio 4 were woken up to the (dubious) sound of me wittering and wandering around Berneray.

Todays attempt was successful, though also a relatively easy route I've had success with before. BBC radio cricket commentary on the Worcestershire vs Warwickshire game from Edgbaston. The commentators asked people to email in suggestions for Vikram Solanki's reluctance to declare, so I fired off an email:
"Listening to you online here on the Island of Berneray (population: 126) in the Outer Hebrides.

The tactic: maybe the pears are afraid that if someone, perhaps Trott or Poonia, can get a big score at a rapid rate (5+ per over) then Warwickshire may attempt to reach even a big target.

It's the wrong tactic. This early in the season, it is better to take risks. You get more points by winning 1 and losing 1, rather than drawing 2."

Said email was read out almost immediately. The commentators then had a discussion about Berneray and the Outer Hebrides, what it was like here, whether it was sunny or warm, and why someone there would be listening - I'm a lifelong Worcestershire CCC supporter:


Two more emails were sent back to them, both of which were read out shortly afterwards.

The fun part was watching the traffic on my website during and after this email-radio exchange. A sudden flurry and acceleration of visitors, in most cases through a Google search on Berneray or Outer Hebrides, indicates radio listeners who are online (either at work or home) hearing the place names and doing a quick search.

Good fun, all in all. But today I was utterly beaten in the media game by Scotproof. A few evenings ago, she took a picture of our neighbour jumping on top of Borve Hill, Berneray:


Scotproof submitted this to the "Your Pictures of Scotland" feature on the BBC news website. And was astonished to check the BBC news website this afternoon, only to see the picture on the home page! There, it appears in rotation. In the gallery, it's picture number 6.

National media and International news website beats BBC radio commentary. I lose this round. Hrmph.

Next tuesday, when Pennsylvania holds its US election primary, I have a plan to get Berneray mentioned on CNN (it'll be interesting to see how Wolf Blitzer pronounces it). Top that, Scotproof...

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  1. Good try.You may find interesting. It's from The Chronicle Review.