Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Morning recording

Yesterday was somewhat disrupted. The electricity people shut off the power for several hours to attach bright red discs to the mains wires about six miles away, as swans and geese had a habit of flying into them. Annoying for us, as each bird being fried results in a short power blip. But worse for the birdie, suppose. So, like several other Berneray residents, we ended up in Lochmaddy for what turned out to be an excellent lunch (which unexpectedly included caviar).

This morning, possibly due to the extroadinary amount of caffeine consumed during yesterdays lunch, I was wide awake by 5am. Which was a good opportunity to try out the new camcorder; still haven't worked out most of the settings, options and buttons, but here's a wonky clip of the view from my office window earlier today:


Obviously, a tripod is required. Plus a good read of the operating manual.

After said lunch yesterday, we waddled home and set up the Nintendo Wii Fitness. Hint: when you've had a blow-out meal is not the time to configure your character. 

Need to send some work to ever-patient colleagues in Bath first, then collect thoughts on the device and game for a detailed review in about a week or so; there's rather a lot to it.



  1. I am extremely envious of the view from your office window. Distracting as that was to my day I have to confess that I also looked at the video of the three ladies in their underwear posing in the kitchen that appears at the foot of the screen when your video ends. I assume it's not your kitchen! Have to say it's a rather bizarre and totally pointless piece of video!Pointless is also how I view the Nintendo Wii Fitness at the moment so I am looking forward to your review. I can't see why almost every activity nowadays needs to have a 'game' element to it. If you want to get fit why not just get up in the morning and do half an hour of exercise or go for a brisk walk. Or am I missing something?

  2. Les,1. Video - that's the downside of YouTube in that it'll promote someone else's (often dubious) video when yours has done playing.2. Wii Fit: a) there's no ski slope here as in the game, b) you're assuming it's solely to get or keep fit (wrong) and c) one phrase: "Hebridean winter". More next week.

  3. carol chauveau4 May 2008 at 00:11

    really fantastic,thanks