Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Outer Hebrides recreated in Second Life. Sort of.

For a while I've been thinking of re-creating the Island of Berneray in Second Life. Hills, terrain, key buildings, a few croft houses, beaches, that sort of thing. It would be interesting to see if the causeway could be re-created in SL as well.

So it was while searching through Second Life a few days ago, I came across a group with a name that made me double-take: Residents of the Hebrides. The group had 173 members:


Blimey - are these real Outer Hebrides residents in Second Life? Alas, no; the group charter states that it is a "Private group for those special people invited to live on the Island of Harris".

Referring to a created and terraformed island in Second Life. Here it is on the map in relation to some other islands:


...and here is an overhead map view. I emailed the island co-owner and developer to see if I could join the group and visit the island. Alas again; the response was:
"Patience Boucher: Hi nice to hear from a real resident of the Hebrides. I am sorry but although I do allow some people to live on Harris they are all friends of mine I have got to know over the year I have been in SL."

So I can't bring you screenshots of what the Island of Harris looks like, or the 173 people who can visit it. The map view, which doesn't give much detail, indicates some developments:


Anyway, food for thought. I may still develop the Island of Berneray within Second Life, just for the heck of it.

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