Friday, 25 April 2008

What not to Rez

Last night I "attended" the JISC Emerge facilitated "What not to Rez" event, on Emerge island. The Emerge project is one of those worth keeping an eye on, as their online presence is a good source of emerging technologies news:
"The Emerge project is an innovative 28 month consortium-based project. Its primary aim is to support the creation of a sustainable community of practice (CoP) that will develop and exploit new emergent technologies (e.g. social software, pervasive computing) for use in educational settings."

Back to the event, which Steve describes thus:
"Its designed as fun event and a chance to shift focus of the nature of digital identities to our virtual creations. The running order for the event simple: gathering at the Emerge Island from 7pm UK time with our volunteer models walking the runway at around 7.30pm followed by a quick change of furniture and into dance mode until 9pm."


While waiting for the event to start, I had a wander around their island. It's pretty good; lots of walkway tubes connecting areas. Segways to get around on, though in SL as in RL my balance isn't good (this doesn't bode well for the Wii Fit board).

After this, it was down to the main area, which consists of a bar and catwalk. Is there anything more needed in life?


I recognised a few of the avatars from Snapshot work I've been doing with the Eduserv Foundation people. However, it turned out that a few people were there incognito. So, the morning after, and with the effects of both virtual and real alcohol wearing off, I'm not entirely sure who I insulted last night.

Some of the costumes were pretty impressive. One in particular, a transparent wedding dress (which annoyingly I forgot to photo), drew gasps and cries of "Marry me!" from the watching crowd. This big blue dress on another catwalker (sp?) was also pretty impressive:


And, there were a few things you wouldn't normally see at a fashion parade. More because of Health and Safety restrictions. One of the great things about SL is that you can do things in it that, in the real world, would involve a costly "risk assessment" followed by a refusal.

So, and this brings back slightly disturbing memories of working in the UKOLN teccie office, here's someone unicycling down the catwalk:


The event concluded with a dance type thing. Touching the orange ball on the ceiling raised a menu of dance options. My avatar was a bit clunky, but passable, doing a Saturday Night Fever about 30 feet in the air. After some of that - strangely exhausting even though it's just "virtual" - we went our seperate ways.

Environmental impact statement: my carbon footprint for attending this event was about the same as that of a mouse.


  1. Bizarre, just bizarre.

  2. That was me in the mighty blue frock! Really enjoyed this recap, ta. For more pictures from the event check out the conference slideshow at & search for the conference tag: jiscemerge0408Thanks for coming by our island.