Monday, 26 May 2008

Doe, a deer ... on Berneray

Unlike the flamingo pictures, the following one is real. It was taken by Donald McDiarmid on May 24th in the Sandhill region of Berneray (the white house is The Old Manse) and shows two deer:



Emails from other Berneray residents indicate this pair of deer have been a-wandering around the northern half of Berneray, getting close to houses up Gunhill and generally looking a little out of place. How did they get here? Possibly they swam over from Pabbay (deer swimming from there has previously been recorded in the press). Less likely is that they came over the causeway from North Uist - feasible, but there's no greenery for them to eat in the mile or so trot.

Another strange sight at that end of the island is the scarecrow right on top of Sandhill. Here's a picture taken of it yesterday by Scotproof, with the east beach in the background:


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