Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I'm not sure at what point a drought is declared, but suspect we aren't a million miles away from it at the moment. Yes, while the rest of the UK gets regular dousings of heavy rain, here in Berneray it's been dry. Very dry. For a long time.

The plus side of this; blue skies in the daytime:


...and pleasant sunsets in the late evening:


Another plus; the ground everywhere is easy and unboggy to walk over. Even the marshy area on top of Borve Hill has dried out. Though, watching the level of Loch Brusda gradually fall brings a twinge of concern about how long our drinking water will last for.

The pictures on this page are from Scotproof's Berneray picture collection.


  1. You are really making an old man here in Auld Reekie VERY jealous! But I guess you could use a little rain to break the "drought"...

  2. Holley McCoy-Petrie22 May 2008 at 23:09

    Our ducks are definitely put out. Their burn has dried up. It looked promising for rain today with it being kinda cool and overcast, but it's still a dry easterly. The moor behind our friends house had an out-of-control moor fire here on Lewis - firetrucks and all were at the scene... One not so good thing about dry weather here in the OH. If the peat dries out, it'll burn underground (like what happens in Florida too!) and re-ignite when the surface fire is put out.