Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mortgage the house to fill up the tank...

Double ouch! (and I don't drive). I blogged about this using a photo taken by Leanish of a petrol pump in Barra, further south of here. Those happy days, when petrol and diesel were significantly cheaper. Erm, three weeks ago.

Since then, Am Paipear (the monthly newspaper of the Uists) has been published, with the front page picture showing the latest price rise. The cost of fuel - for cars, fishing boats, and house heating - understandably gets a fair amount of press here.

And since then, there's been another rise.

The prices of diesel and petrol at the pump in North Uist last friday:


That's diesel at 136.2 per litre, and petrol at 123.8 for the same measure.

For US readers, diesel is $10.17 per US gallon and petrol is $9.25. Thus, here for diesel vehicles we've gone through and passed by some way the "Ten dollars per gallon" barrier.

Just how high is this going to go? We're less than 14p off having diesel at £1.50 a litre. Surely not soon?


  1. Unbelievable - the price per litre has gone up 10p since we were there at the end of March - that's crazy. For balance, here in Essex the pumps in towns are averaging at around 118.9 - so how the hell it can be justified for the prices to be SO much higher over there I can't imagine. Sure, you expect a difference - but that difference should be 10p a litre at the very most - not nearly double that as it now appears to be.The major plus point of motoring on the Hebrides is the fact that you can maintai much better fuel economy as there's not so much "Stop/start" - we've driven from Eriskay all the way up to Sidinish on North Uist in the past without having to stop at all - down here you'd be lucky to manage half a mile without encountering a roundabout, traffic jam or set of traffic lights!

  2. Guess I'll stop complaining about paying $3.75/gallon....

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