Thursday, 12 June 2008

Diesel and petrol prices, North Uist, 11th June 2008


Diesel at £1.46,2 and petrol at £1.29,8 as of today in Lochmaddy, North Uist.

That's exactly 10p a litre more expensive for diesel, and 6p a litre more expensive for petrol, than on May 4th i.e. 40 days ago.

For the benefit of US readers, there's 3.785411784 of our litres to one of your gallons. At todays exchange rate of $1.96395 to the UK pound, that makes diesel here, in your money and gallon measurement:

$10.87 per gallon



  1. Well your prices have certainly stopped me whinging for a in Sydney on thursday 12th we are paying $1.56/ litre for unleaded (0.74p)!!!

  2. May 4th we had $3.75 in the US.Now I'm "not complaining" about paying $4.15/gallon...I asked our heating oil delivery person about a budget plan for this winter. He just laughed, albeit grimly. Too bad we don't have a nice peat supply nearby!

  3. So you're saying we should stop complaining? I think a packet of fags have begun to catch up with your prices. In NYC, it now costs $5.22 using your exchange rate.

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