Monday, 23 June 2008

Sensible solstice stone ceremony celebration

(Try saying that five times quickly).

While I'm probably too old, or not sufficiently drugged up, to dance naked around an ancient stone circle* on pagan days of the calendar, many others do.

And others take the more sensible (to me, anyway) option of plenty of blankets, warm clothing, and a nice flask of coffee. Gayle & Steve are two such people, residents of Lewis who did this at the Callanish stone circle on their island during the recent solstice.


Here's their set of pictures from the shortest night. I'm guessing from the pictures that this is Steve and this is Gayle?

 (* As a side point, it's constantly vexing that the over-rated Stonehenge gets loads of media attention, while the far more astonishing Avebury gets non.)

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